Printed Books, Audio Format, Animated Format – soon all 3 Combined!


We have created a group, Wildwind Productions, with plans for short 2D animations aimed at You Tube with links to the quieter confines of Chetwin’s Space.

( Opidah riggable & Opidah sketch)

  1. We begin with the simple tale, Opidah and the Fish, telling of a girl who lives in a “far, far wood.” Invited to ask a single question about anything she chooses, she delivers and raises more questions then ever this author intended! Wonder what yours would be…
    Stay tuned.
  2. After Opidah, our next 2D animation will be Box and Cox (illustrated by David Small in the paper version) with visual concept by Wildwind team member Yosua Wisnu.
  3. Meanwhile, we finally begin work on an animated Gom on Windy Mountain. (the initial background for the credits form the banner of this site.)
    Lots of work ahead, but, hey we’re up to it!

And the Meek – the Last Legacy Quartet Complete at Last!

This 4th and final volume in the series is now in the Kindle store on Amazon, the paperback follows soon. A sci-fi saga linking a dying Earth and an alien world light years distant. With the human race all but gone, a small remnant is offered refuge on Phrynis, a planet in the Pleiades star system.

Each of the four books depicts a crucial point in the alien history, spanning a period of over one thousand years. As the stories of those involved reach Earth, the Earth survivors struggle against hostile forces to meet with their alien counterparts and so begin their epic  journey.

A New Venture

Today, I started a new series on You Tube, presenting selections from books already posted in Chetwin’s Space. Since at present I am still working on the Gom books, these presentations are based on them. The first features extracts from Chapter 7 of Book 1, Gom on Windy Mountain, focusing on the relationship between Gom and his brother Horvin – not a pleasant one.

More features are in the works – stay tuned!

Welcome to my New House!

I have two good things to tell you to start off in this new place:

You may not know that I have been narrating the Gom series for a while now and am currently posting Chapter 9 of Book 8 – Wycan. The chapters come out Mondays and Thursdays and the URL is

The second item is that I have completed the 4th volume of the Last Legacy Quartet – And the Meek – and am preparing it for summer publication.

After the Gom podcasts, I plan to keep going  chronologically through the rest of my books. The first, On All Hallows Eve, will be running in season.


At this point, I offer my fervent thanks to the friend who suggested that I have a podcast space. I love telling stories and reading aloud, and am enjoying the editing side of it immensely.