Tempus Fugit!


A moment ago, sometime in August actually, I announced the title of my latest book, The Lost Legend, and that I was about to start reading it on my podcast site, bookreadings.gracechetwin.com. Now, one moment later, on November 5th, I am about to read the Epilogue while preparing for the next book in the series, The Chimes of Alyafaleyn.

On November 8th, The Pockets’ Corner crew will preview the book, while on the following Monday, November 12th I post the first chapter with a few bonus items.


The first is the theme music for the book in full, created by Michael Brevalan Roberts-Tsoukkas on an oval synthesizer. Thereafter, I will as usual take clips from it to begin and end the readings.

The second bonus features quotes from the book’s front matter, and a glossary of proper and common names to show the spelling of alien words

Finally, the third presents an apologia sharing the thoughts and ideas from which the book emerged.

I will say nothing about the book here, but leave that to the Pockets. I will advise listeners, however, that I will be reading from my second edition of the book, published by my own publishing house, Feral Press, Inc., in which I have expanded the book by one third thus bringing it to its rightful completion. (This second edition is available in Kindle format on Amazon and also in printed form from my seller Strawblue.)

In celebration of this new series I have created a new cover which will replace the old black one and which I post here for you to see.

I hope that you will check out the readings. If you do, happy listening!

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