Winds of Change & Pockets Review: reflections on Chetwin’s new book, The Lost Legend.

August 27th:
I posted an account on my podsite – on the makings of my new book The Lost Legend, which as explained earlier is the third book of the Meg & Sue trilogy – (I have already been asked for a fourth, which would be this book’s sequel!) I must admit that there is an opening for one.  Good grief!

Today I post The Lost Legend as a Kindle ebook  on Amazon  together with a review by The Pockets, a lively trio of young readers who in the first years of the podcasts discussed some of the Gom books in round table format. They lay out the plot as far as they can without spoilers, and introduce the book’s major characters. Both of these posts offer as much as you should know about The Lost Legend without actually reading it or listening to the podcasts which begin Monday, September 3rd.
See you there!

About the Pockets – their avatars were created by artist-illustrator Yosua Wisnu, (who designed both my podsite and this one,) for their new and upcoming animated review show in which they will examine books, games, and movies. This is their first review!

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