Lost Legend Almost Lost!

I did not realise that I had not posted in here about The Lost Legend–have posted in so many other places. As you may know, this book is the 3rd volume of the Meg & Sue trilogy. #1, On All Hallows’ Eve, was my first published novel, first edition 1984. #2, Out of the Dark World, its sequel, 1985. Wishing to take it to a trilogy then, while on a visit back home to England, I swung by Wales, Barmouth to be exact, to make notes and draw pictures of the area. I had decided to have Gran Jenkins live there and I planned to take the action there, having Meg & Sue visit Gran one summer. No idea why or what for as usual. But my editor had other ideas. Gom on Windy Mountain was the 1986 book and from then on poor #3 was left behind. In hindsight I am glad, for it was not time for The Lost Legend. I find that things always have a way of turning out.

The end of book 2 leaves open strands to be completed in #3. Only now have I gotten around to doing just that. There is the mystery concerning Gavin’s sudden snub, the ongoing Arthurian thread, especially concerning the Fay. And it was no accident that Gavin got his name–it is the modern version of Gawain.

I have been asked for my views on the Fay quite a few times. I have carefully avoided any personal opinions on her but rather have portrayed her from Meg’s viewpoint and in different ways. #3 is no exception. But I do have some underlying themes concerning the legends and together with my view that magic is science unexplained have come up with a well-hidden hint that the whole pack of them are not of this world and are outside our time references. Make of that what you may but I like to blend sci-fi and fantasy in many of my books.

Another thematic string focuses on the unfair judgement sometimes passed on people when all the facts are not known. In The Phantom Tollbooth, it features as an island where one jumps to Conclusions.

In the plot,  wrongs  ancient and modern are tackled, and a royal battle is waged, a chess game covering a thousand years–or no time at all–with shadowy players moving the pieces–Meg & Sue & Gavin et al–around the place and no guarantee of who will win. Can’t say more without spoilers!

I plan to publish LL first as a Kindle book but before that, coming to the end of my Collidescope readings, I plan to begin the audio version on my podcast site (bookreadings.gracechetwin.com) August 3rd.

NOTE: Those of you who listen to the podcasts may recall the bonus round table  discussions in the Gom series. These 3 reviewers are now starting their own place very soon and I shall publish  with their debut that being the first book on their list. Before then, on the last Thursday of this month, I shall feature them, auditing their preview of The Lost Legend and I hope that you will check in to hear what they had to say about it.

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