On All Hallow’s Eve was begun around that event. Now, at Xmas and New Year, we begin the sequel, Out of the Dark World which is set around that time.  Happy coincidence. The third book of the trilogy is underway!
I compose all my own book music, in print or podcast format. Thinking about a theme for OODW I came upon a digital Oval. The software is available as a free app for an android or ipad. I was amazed to discover its power and range. Most of my music until now has been composed on the piano and rendered into various instruments and effects on a regular digital keyboard. The Oval Synth has expanded the range considerably. Since the Dark World is a surreal zone, the sounds produced fit right in, combining with regular ones for accent. The piece – around 7 minutes in duration – is a tonal odyssey  trekkingthrough the book in 5 distinct sections:
#1 goes to where Meg takes the 3 steps down to the Quiet Place.
#2 places Meg there for a breather.
#3 takes Meg into her Deep Level to meet her 2 innermost selves. (no spoilers.)
#4 recounts the climax of the book. Meg actually makes 2 separate journeys to DW, here they combine, the first, dreamy yet ominous, morphs into the second one where she battles to save Gavin’s life.
#5 nicknamed “Hustle”, is self-explanatory.

Special thanks to webmaster Yosua Wisnu who referred me to the Oval Synth – try it –  it’s amazing.

Chapter 1 of Out of the Dark World begins January 15, stay tuned! For a sneak audit of the tonal piece hit the image below:

Warning: mp3 format is a little harsh. If you are wearing earphones set to lowest possible as the sound levels vary considerably.

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