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The third week in October wraps up the nine-book Gom series podcasts.

Coming up next –   my first published book, On All Hallows-Eve, just in time for the event. This followed by – naturally – its sequel, Out of the Dark World. Meg & Sue – a trilogy?

I always saw the Meg and Sue books as a trilogy but after the first two I had others to write and #3 had to wait its turn. At last The Lost Legend is under way and I hope to have it done by the end of the book #2 podcasts. It is set in Barmouth, Wales, (Abermaw) which I visited while writing Out of the Dark World, sketching, making notes, walking the hills – and the shore to Harlech nearly drowning on the way as the tide rushed in – boy! did I scramble up those cliffs! I stayed in a tiny pension on the clifftops that could well have been Gran Jenkins’s town house.

The whole is an interesting region with atmosphere, great topography, and history.   As Wiki describes it:
Barmouth (Welsh: Abermaw (formal); Y Bermo (colloquial)) is a town in the county of Gwynedd, north-western Wales, lying on the estuary of the River Mawddach and Cardigan Bay. Located in the Historic county of Merionethshire, the Welsh form of the name is derived from “Aber” (estuary) and the river’s name, “Mawddach.”

Steeped in Celtic history, sculpted by ancient glaciers,  it is a good milieu for Arthurian legend. And don’t be mistaken – there are many versions of those tales and countless sources arguing their case.  The whole gang is suspect really: Merlin, the Fay, the Knights of the Round Table. There is no consensus as to their origins, who they were, what they did, or even how they died. But the magic persists, and the lure of their mystery remains and we all make our own choices.

There is absolutely no historical evidence that Arthur even existed, and certainly not that he ever went to Abermaw, and you sure won’t find that castle or the inn but I was determined to bring them all together. Why not? One legend is as good as any other! Feeling the mystery of that region I went out exploring every day with camera and notebook. Up in the hills, I found a barrow, and way stones and … sheep.  I had marked that place from the very beginning for future adventure and was delighted to find it living up to expectation. With mysterious vanishing stones, a medieval castle, wandering knights and an inn straight out of Chaucer what more did I need to bring it all together?Why Merlin and the Fay, of course!
Stay tuned!

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