Printed Books, Audio Format, Animated Format – soon all 3 Combined!


We have created a group, Wildwind Productions, with plans for short 2D animations aimed at You Tube with links to the quieter confines of Chetwin’s Space.

( Opidah riggable & Opidah sketch)

  1. We begin with the simple tale, Opidah and the Fish, telling of a girl who lives in a “far, far wood.” Invited to ask a single question about anything she chooses, she delivers and raises more questions then ever this author intended! Wonder what yours would be…
    Stay tuned.
  2. After Opidah, our next 2D animation will be Box and Cox (illustrated by David Small in the paper version) with visual concept by Wildwind team member Yosua Wisnu.
  3. Meanwhile, we finally begin work on an animated Gom on Windy Mountain. (the initial background for the credits form the banner of this site.)
    Lots of work ahead, but, hey we’re up to it!

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