Welcome to my New House!

I have two good things to tell you to start off in this new place:

You may not know that I have been narrating the Gom series for a while now and am currently posting Chapter 9 of Book 8 – Wycan. The chapters come out Mondays and Thursdays and the URL is bookreadings.gracechetwin.com

The second item is that I have completed the 4th volume of the Last Legacy Quartet – And the Meek – and am preparing it for summer publication.

After the Gom podcasts, I plan to keep going  chronologically through the rest of my books. The first, On All Hallows Eve, will be running in season.


At this point, I offer my fervent thanks to the friend who suggested that I have a podcast space. I love telling stories and reading aloud, and am enjoying the editing side of it immensely.


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