The Dark World Revisited


Note: I have designed a new cover for OODW, which I post here to mark the podcast readings. As for the sound: where songs are part of the books, as in the first four Gom books, I have used them to start and end the readings. Where there are none, I have composed sound of some kind, usually music, offering the whole of it as a bonus at the start, and parts of it to open and close the chapters. OODW music is a telling of the story in sound, and so I use the beginning and ends of the piece to serve that purpose.

Reading On All Hallows’ Eve and Out of the Dark World stirs a certain nostalgia. While Gom and most others of my books are high fantasy, these are of the low kind. High fantasy has a virtual setting, while low fantasy has one foot in the real world, and the other in some other place. This presents a challenge: in order to make the fantasy world convincing, the real world has to be totally correct in every detail. Asked to write the Halloween book, and being English, I made the family English newly settled in America, thus covering any anomalies. (There were none!) Out of the Dark World, set three years later, involved a greater local knowledge not only of the place but of the era. It now proves a cameo of the emergence of the pc into the house. Many readers and listeners will not be aware of how it was then, its coming out of the equivalent of ham radio. Miscrosoft had not yet raided Apple; the only mice outside Macintosh were the furry ones living under the floor. I wrote the first book on a black screen via ms-dos – a far memory. So when Gavin appears on Meg’s father’s screen it was much more shocking than it could be today and hinted at some sinister agent at work. In addition to forays into future fantasy pcs, I folded in experiences of the Silva Mind control system, blending them both to make a book about the two parts of Meg’s psyche, creative and practical. I’m enjoying the visit to those past times and hope that you are getting a whiff of them too. Happy listening!

Season’s Greetings!

Seasons Greetings to you who listen from all around the world! It is hard to believe that this space is in its third year. Reading to you has proved more fun than I ever had expected. So it is only on account of resting my poor voice that I take a break over this holiday period. On Thursday I shall post the prologue to Out of the Dark World.
On January 15th I shall finish On All Hallows’ Eve with its final 2 chapters then move onto the first chapter of Out of the Dark World, its sequel.

Enjoy the season, have fun, don’t eat too much and take a well-earned break from your year’s labors!

See you!


    On All Hallow’s Eve was begun around that event. Now, at Xmas and New Year, we begin the sequel, Out of the Dark World which is set around that time.  Happy coincidence. The third book of the trilogy is underway!
I compose all my own book music, in print or podcast format. Thinking about a theme for OODW I came upon a digital Oval. The software is available as a free app for an android or ipad. I was amazed to discover its power and range. Most of my music until now has been composed on the piano and rendered into various instruments and effects on a regular digital keyboard. The Oval Synth has expanded the range considerably. Since the Dark World is a surreal zone, the sounds produced fit right in, combining with regular ones for accent. The piece – around 7 minutes in duration – is a tonal odyssey  trekkingthrough the book in 5 distinct sections:
#1 goes to where Meg takes the 3 steps down to the Quiet Place.
#2 places Meg there for a breather.
#3 takes Meg into her Deep Level to meet her 2 innermost selves. (no spoilers.)
#4 recounts the climax of the book. Meg actually makes 2 separate journeys to DW, here they combine, the first, dreamy yet ominous, morphs into the second one where she battles to save Gavin’s life.
#5 nicknamed “Hustle”, is self-explanatory.

Special thanks to webmaster Yosua Wisnu who referred me to the Oval Synth – try it –  it’s amazing.

Chapter 1 of Out of the Dark World begins January 15, stay tuned! For a sneak audit of the tonal piece hit the image below:

Warning: mp3 format is a little harsh. If you are wearing earphones set to lowest possible as the sound levels vary considerably.


June, 2015 Chetwin’s Space began my podcast book readings with GWM, and Gom made his debut there. Now, two years plus and nine books later, his series is almost complete. Two more weeks, and the next book is up: On All Hallows’ Eve, right on time for the season. Normally, just for the heck of it, I compose a piece of music for each book, or adopt a song from the book and then use bits to begin and end the chapters. To celebrate this timely reading, I shall begin the first chapter with the whole of its piece, (around 2 minutes) and from then on start and end with excerpts as usual. Hit the book cover to hear Meg & Sue go into the wood and hints of what happens then:

Bookreading Podcasts Newsflash:

The third week in October wraps up the nine-book Gom series podcasts.

Coming up next –   my first published book, On All Hallows-Eve, just in time for the event. This followed by – naturally – its sequel, Out of the Dark World. Meg & Sue – a trilogy?

I always saw the Meg and Sue books as a trilogy but after the first two I had others to write and #3 had to wait its turn. At last The Lost Legend is under way and I hope to have it done by the end of the book #2 podcasts. It is set in Barmouth, Wales, (Abermaw) which I visited while writing Out of the Dark World, sketching, making notes, walking the hills – and the shore to Harlech nearly drowning on the way as the tide rushed in – boy! did I scramble up those cliffs! I stayed in a tiny pension on the clifftops that could well have been Gran Jenkins’s town house.

The whole is an interesting region with atmosphere, great topography, and history.   As Wiki describes it:
Barmouth (Welsh: Abermaw (formal); Y Bermo (colloquial)) is a town in the county of Gwynedd, north-western Wales, lying on the estuary of the River Mawddach and Cardigan Bay. Located in the Historic county of Merionethshire, the Welsh form of the name is derived from “Aber” (estuary) and the river’s name, “Mawddach.”

Steeped in Celtic history, sculpted by ancient glaciers,  it is a good milieu for Arthurian legend. And don’t be mistaken – there are many versions of those tales and countless sources arguing their case.  The whole gang is suspect really: Merlin, the Fay, the Knights of the Round Table. There is no consensus as to their origins, who they were, what they did, or even how they died. But the magic persists, and the lure of their mystery remains and we all make our own choices.

There is absolutely no historical evidence that Arthur even existed, and certainly not that he ever went to Abermaw, and you sure won’t find that castle or the inn but I was determined to bring them all together. Why not? One legend is as good as any other! Feeling the mystery of that region I went out exploring every day with camera and notebook. Up in the hills, I found a barrow, and way stones and … sheep.  I had marked that place from the very beginning for future adventure and was delighted to find it living up to expectation. With mysterious vanishing stones, a medieval castle, wandering knights and an inn straight out of Chaucer what more did I need to bring it all together?Why Merlin and the Fay, of course!
Stay tuned!

Printed Books, Audio Format, Animated Format – soon all 3 Combined!


We have created a group, Wildwind Productions, with plans for short 2D animations aimed at You Tube with links to the quieter confines of Chetwin’s Space.

( Opidah riggable & Opidah sketch)

  1. We begin with the simple tale, Opidah and the Fish, telling of a girl who lives in a “far, far wood.” Invited to ask a single question about anything she chooses, she delivers and raises more questions then ever this author intended! Wonder what yours would be…
    Stay tuned.
  2. After Opidah, our next 2D animation will be Box and Cox (illustrated by David Small in the paper version) with visual concept by Wildwind team member Yosua Wisnu.
  3. Meanwhile, we finally begin work on an animated Gom on Windy Mountain. (the initial background for the credits form the banner of this site.)
    Lots of work ahead, but, hey we’re up to it!

And the Meek – the Last Legacy Quartet Complete at Last!

This 4th and final volume in the series is now in the Kindle store on Amazon, the paperback follows soon. A sci-fi saga linking a dying Earth and an alien world light years distant. With the human race all but gone, a small remnant is offered refuge on Phrynis, a planet in the Pleiades star system.

Each of the four books depicts a crucial point in the alien history, spanning a period of over one thousand years. As the stories of those involved reach Earth, the Earth survivors struggle against hostile forces to meet with their alien counterparts and so begin their epic  journey.

A New Venture

Today, I started a new series on You Tube, presenting selections from books already posted in Chetwin’s Space. Since at present I am still working on the Gom books, these presentations are based on them. The first features extracts from Chapter 7 of Book 1, Gom on Windy Mountain, focusing on the relationship between Gom and his brother Horvin – not a pleasant one.

More features are in the works – stay tuned!

Welcome to my New House!

I have two good things to tell you to start off in this new place:

You may not know that I have been narrating the Gom series for a while now and am currently posting Chapter 9 of Book 8 – Wycan. The chapters come out Mondays and Thursdays and the URL is

The second item is that I have completed the 4th volume of the Last Legacy Quartet – And the Meek – and am preparing it for summer publication.

After the Gom podcasts, I plan to keep going  chronologically through the rest of my books. The first, On All Hallows Eve, will be running in season.


At this point, I offer my fervent thanks to the friend who suggested that I have a podcast space. I love telling stories and reading aloud, and am enjoying the editing side of it immensely.