First Section of Gom on Windy Mountain Project Completed.

First two sentences of the book. This project is intended as a multimedia creation. It is subject to changes as we go along. I want combination of text from the book with additional insights not possible in text format. Above all it is great fun in the making! I am creating it in Opentoonz with other additional software and with vital assistance from friends and family – Brio, Pockets, Yosua, and my chosen tutor animator DarrenT – the best teacher of OT that I have found.

Coming Soon

Due to covid fallout, I have withdrawn my paper books from Amazon – my Kindles are still in there. From now on, the FPI imprints are available only directly from me. We are in process of reformatting this site and also Feral Press, Inc. site – FPI is my own personal imprint. We are creating bookstore with a shopping cart, etc., so that you can still obtain the books. Until this service is in operation, if you wish for a title, please write me directly.



Been so busy with the podcasts, I’ve totally neglected this space. Almost a year! Since the last post, I’ve read Friends in Time, and am now onto the Jason book. I’ll post an animation of the illustrations here at the end of the readings – they’re potential spoilers. This frontispiece should link to it:

Couple of weeks bring us to Beauty & the Beast, then short break before I begin The Last Legacy, my adult sci fi series. Notice is in podcast site.

See you there!

Tempus Fugit!


A moment ago, sometime in August actually, I announced the title of my latest book, The Lost Legend, and that I was about to start reading it on my podcast site, Now, one moment later, on November 5th, I am about to read the Epilogue while preparing for the next book in the series, The Chimes of Alyafaleyn.

On November 8th, The Pockets’ Corner crew will preview the book, while on the following Monday, November 12th I post the first chapter with a few bonus items.


The first is the theme music for the book in full, created by Michael Brevalan Roberts-Tsoukkas on an oval synthesizer. Thereafter, I will as usual take clips from it to begin and end the readings.

The second bonus features quotes from the book’s front matter, and a glossary of proper and common names to show the spelling of alien words

Finally, the third presents an apologia sharing the thoughts and ideas from which the book emerged.

I will say nothing about the book here, but leave that to the Pockets. I will advise listeners, however, that I will be reading from my second edition of the book, published by my own publishing house, Feral Press, Inc., in which I have expanded the book by one third thus bringing it to its rightful completion. (This second edition is available in Kindle format on Amazon and also in printed form from my seller Strawblue.)

In celebration of this new series I have created a new cover which will replace the old black one and which I post here for you to see.

I hope that you will check out the readings. If you do, happy listening!

Winds of Change & Pockets Review: reflections on Chetwin’s new book, The Lost Legend.

August 27th:
I posted an account on my podsite – on the makings of my new book The Lost Legend, which as explained earlier is the third book of the Meg & Sue trilogy – (I have already been asked for a fourth, which would be this book’s sequel!) I must admit that there is an opening for one.  Good grief!

Today I post The Lost Legend as a Kindle ebook  on Amazon  together with a review by The Pockets, a lively trio of young readers who in the first years of the podcasts discussed some of the Gom books in round table format. They lay out the plot as far as they can without spoilers, and introduce the book’s major characters. Both of these posts offer as much as you should know about The Lost Legend without actually reading it or listening to the podcasts which begin Monday, September 3rd.
See you there!

About the Pockets – their avatars were created by artist-illustrator Yosua Wisnu, (who designed both my podsite and this one,) for their new and upcoming animated review show in which they will examine books, games, and movies. This is their first review!

Lost Legend Almost Lost!

I did not realise that I had not posted in here about The Lost Legend–have posted in so many other places. As you may know, this book is the 3rd volume of the Meg & Sue trilogy. #1, On All Hallows’ Eve, was my first published novel, first edition 1984. #2, Out of the Dark World, its sequel, 1985. Wishing to take it to a trilogy then, while on a visit back home to England, I swung by Wales, Barmouth to be exact, to make notes and draw pictures of the area. I had decided to have Gran Jenkins live there and I planned to take the action there, having Meg & Sue visit Gran one summer. No idea why or what for as usual. But my editor had other ideas. Gom on Windy Mountain was the 1986 book and from then on poor #3 was left behind. In hindsight I am glad, for it was not time for The Lost Legend. I find that things always have a way of turning out.

The end of book 2 leaves open strands to be completed in #3. Only now have I gotten around to doing just that. There is the mystery concerning Gavin’s sudden snub, the ongoing Arthurian thread, especially concerning the Fay. And it was no accident that Gavin got his name–it is the modern version of Gawain.

I have been asked for my views on the Fay quite a few times. I have carefully avoided any personal opinions on her but rather have portrayed her from Meg’s viewpoint and in different ways. #3 is no exception. But I do have some underlying themes concerning the legends and together with my view that magic is science unexplained have come up with a well-hidden hint that the whole pack of them are not of this world and are outside our time references. Make of that what you may but I like to blend sci-fi and fantasy in many of my books.

Another thematic string focuses on the unfair judgement sometimes passed on people when all the facts are not known. In The Phantom Tollbooth, it features as an island where one jumps to Conclusions.

In the plot,  wrongs  ancient and modern are tackled, and a royal battle is waged, a chess game covering a thousand years–or no time at all–with shadowy players moving the pieces–Meg & Sue & Gavin et al–around the place and no guarantee of who will win. Can’t say more without spoilers!

I plan to publish LL first as a Kindle book but before that, coming to the end of my Collidescope readings, I plan to begin the audio version on my podcast site ( August 3rd.

NOTE: Those of you who listen to the podcasts may recall the bonus round table  discussions in the Gom series. These 3 reviewers are now starting their own place very soon and I shall publish  with their debut that being the first book on their list. Before then, on the last Thursday of this month, I shall feature them, auditing their preview of The Lost Legend and I hope that you will check in to hear what they had to say about it.

The Dark World Revisited


Note: I have designed a new cover for OODW, which I post here to mark the podcast readings. As for the sound: where songs are part of the books, as in the first four Gom books, I have used them to start and end the readings. Where there are none, I have composed sound of some kind, usually music, offering the whole of it as a bonus at the start, and parts of it to open and close the chapters. OODW music is a telling of the story in sound, and so I use the beginning and ends of the piece to serve that purpose.

Reading On All Hallows’ Eve and Out of the Dark World stirs a certain nostalgia. While Gom and most others of my books are high fantasy, these are of the low kind. High fantasy has a virtual setting, while low fantasy has one foot in the real world, and the other in some other place. This presents a challenge: in order to make the fantasy world convincing, the real world has to be totally correct in every detail. Asked to write the Halloween book, and being English, I made the family English newly settled in America, thus covering any anomalies. (There were none!) Out of the Dark World, set three years later, involved a greater local knowledge not only of the place but of the era. It now proves a cameo of the emergence of the pc into the house. Many readers and listeners will not be aware of how it was then, its coming out of the equivalent of ham radio. Miscrosoft had not yet raided Apple; the only mice outside Macintosh were the furry ones living under the floor. I wrote the first book on a black screen via ms-dos – a far memory. So when Gavin appears on Meg’s father’s screen it was much more shocking than it could be today and hinted at some sinister agent at work. In addition to forays into future fantasy pcs, I folded in experiences of the Silva Mind control system, blending them both to make a book about the two parts of Meg’s psyche, creative and practical. I’m enjoying the visit to those past times and hope that you are getting a whiff of them too. Happy listening!

Season’s Greetings!

Seasons Greetings to you who listen from all around the world! It is hard to believe that this space is in its third year. Reading to you has proved more fun than I ever had expected. So it is only on account of resting my poor voice that I take a break over this holiday period. On Thursday I shall post the prologue to Out of the Dark World.
On January 15th I shall finish On All Hallows’ Eve with its final 2 chapters then move onto the first chapter of Out of the Dark World, its sequel.

Enjoy the season, have fun, don’t eat too much and take a well-earned break from your year’s labors!

See you!


    On All Hallow’s Eve was begun around that event. Now, at Xmas and New Year, we begin the sequel, Out of the Dark World which is set around that time.  Happy coincidence. The third book of the trilogy is underway!
I compose all my own book music, in print or podcast format. Thinking about a theme for OODW I came upon a digital Oval. The software is available as a free app for an android or ipad. I was amazed to discover its power and range. Most of my music until now has been composed on the piano and rendered into various instruments and effects on a regular digital keyboard. The Oval Synth has expanded the range considerably. Since the Dark World is a surreal zone, the sounds produced fit right in, combining with regular ones for accent. The piece – around 7 minutes in duration – is a tonal odyssey  trekkingthrough the book in 5 distinct sections:
#1 goes to where Meg takes the 3 steps down to the Quiet Place.
#2 places Meg there for a breather.
#3 takes Meg into her Deep Level to meet her 2 innermost selves. (no spoilers.)
#4 recounts the climax of the book. Meg actually makes 2 separate journeys to DW, here they combine, the first, dreamy yet ominous, morphs into the second one where she battles to save Gavin’s life.
#5 nicknamed “Hustle”, is self-explanatory.

Special thanks to webmaster Yosua Wisnu who referred me to the Oval Synth – try it –  it’s amazing.

Chapter 1 of Out of the Dark World begins January 15, stay tuned! For a sneak audit of the tonal piece hit the image below:

Warning: mp3 format is a little harsh. If you are wearing earphones set to lowest possible as the sound levels vary considerably.


June, 2015 Chetwin’s Space began my podcast book readings with GWM, and Gom made his debut there. Now, two years plus and nine books later, his series is almost complete. Two more weeks, and the next book is up: On All Hallows’ Eve, right on time for the season. Normally, just for the heck of it, I compose a piece of music for each book, or adopt a song from the book and then use bits to begin and end the chapters. To celebrate this timely reading, I shall begin the first chapter with the whole of its piece, (around 2 minutes) and from then on start and end with excerpts as usual. Hit the book cover to hear Meg & Sue go into the wood and hints of what happens then: